Computing at St Edwards is all about problem solving. Computing is also a very wide subject – computer scientists enjoy opportunities to work in finance, business, science, robotics, vehicle, legal and medical, to name just a few. Therefore it can be a bit of a challenge to find ways of learning computer science that meets all of our students’ needs as they all have different futures in mind.

The Raspberry Pi, which is core to our curriculum, is a designed for education pocket sized computer, with the capacity to be used like a desktop computer, and also to be integrated into a robotics or ‘internet of things’ project. They are easy to obtain, and there are a wide range of add-ons available. We use some that were designed for, and used on, the International Space Station!

Lessons range from ‘Making Jelly Babies Sing’ (yes, it is a thing, look up ‘Melissa’s Singing Jelly Baby’ on YouTube!) to A Level Computer Science projects in which our students have, for example, developed a bus stop style console with linked database and artificial intelligence to match people able to offer lifts with people needing them.

The photographs below are of our Year 10 students using Raspberry Pis to make their first steps in learning Python, one of the most used computer languages.

Senior School | 17/09/2020