This week saw the return of our extra-curricular club schedule, much to the delight of our students. Our teaching staff have adapted the way that their clubs are run to ensure that year group bubbles can be maintained.

Thursday afternoons are now the reserve of Year 7 Science club with Mrs Hammond – an activity not to be missed!

For their first meeting of the year Oobleck was on the agenda. Oobleck is a non-Newtonian fluid and great fun to make using just cornflour and water. Getting the consistency of the mix ‘just right’ requires a steady hand, adding small amounts of water at a time to the cornflour (some students found this easier than others!).

Most fluids have a constant viscosity, meaning that they flow at a consistent rate. Non-Newtonian fluids, however, flow at different rates depending on how much force or pressure is applied to them. For example, when our students allowed the Oobleck to flow slowly by tilting the container, the substance flowed steadily out of the cup onto their hands. If they applied force to the Oobleck by flicking it with their finger, the stream would snap, much like a brittle solid.

Experimenting with the Oobleck prompted lots of giggles and a little bit of mess, with many of the students present declaring that Science was now their favourite subject!

Senior School 11/09/2020