The Year 6 Class of 2020 have had a truly unique last year of Prep School. No one would have envisaged how the last part of the academic year was going to be, but amidst the uncertainty and disruption, the St Edward’s community has demonstrated great strength, adaptability and unity.

Current Year 6 pupils have risen to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and have continued to thrive.

To mark the end of their time at the Prep School, Year 6 took part in a socially-distanced Presentation Ceremony on Monday. Streamed live so that family members could watch along at home, the event provided a much-needed sense of normality and made sure that the group did not miss out on this rite of passage.

The audience heard from several speakers, including our special guest, Broadcaster, Jill Douglas, who spoke of the need for a positive mindset and strong work ethic, especially during times of adversity.

She also addressed the feeling of trepidation that many of the cohort are starting to experience in anticipation of moving up to Senior School:

“It can be a bit overwhelming when you leave somewhere that you are so familiar with. St Edward’s has always done a fantastic job of allowing you to flourish and become the amazing individuals that you all are, within a lovely warm, family environment. Stepping up to Senior School can be daunting, but it’s exciting at the same time!

Always embrace the opportunity to challenge yourself and step out of your comfort zone. That’s how you learn. Never be frightened to ask for help, there is always someone who can support you.”

Head Girl, Scarlett, and Head Boy, Shashish, both gave fantastic speeches, delivered with confidence and humour beyond their years.

Prizes were then awarded to recognise the hard work and progress that the pupils have made during their time at school.

Mr McKernan delivered his last message to the pupils including some positive messages on the growth they have made in recent weeks:

“You all have a unique contribution to make in this world. Today is about pausing and acknowledging the efforts that you’ve made. This period has shown us the skills that we will all need for the future, such as adaptability, agility determination and perseverance. We have all practised dealing with uncertainty while maintaining our strength of character and positive outlook.”

We then heard some of Mr McKernan’s best-worst jokes to end proceedings, we wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Following this on their final day as a group in School yesterday, emotions were running high as the pupils were led from the grounds by a Piper, through a guard of honour formed by their families.

Good luck to the Class of 2020, we hope to see each of you again soon.

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Prep School | 08/07/2020