Last week, pupils at the Prep School got active when they took part in a Virtual Sports Day. As one of the most popular events in the school calendar, Sports Day wasn’t going to be stopped by issues created by the current social distancing guidelines!

To keep everyone safe and to make sure that everyone had the opportunity to be involved, tasks were set through the online learning environment and entries were made via video or photo submission.

There were five events to enter: Standing Long Jump, Vertical Jump, 10 x 10m Sprint, Speed Bounce and Chest Push.

Head of Girls’ PE, Mrs Morris commented: “I was really impressed with how the children, and their parents fully embraced the activities. It was wonderful to have so many entries, with the children really keen to earn points for their Houses.”

Congratulations to the overall winners Blyton House, with Dahl coming in second and Lewis a close third.

Prep School | 06/07/2020