It’s been another busy week at Prep, with lots of our children completing additional activities to those set by their teachers by attending virtual Science Festival events.

Year 3

  • Throughout the week, Year 3 have been constructing their own Greek Myth, making sure they include lots of adjectives.
  • During their French lessons, the children learnt to use vocabulary to describe the different areas of their houses.
  • In Science, the class collated the data that they had collected during their Bee survey to produce bar charts.

Year 4

  • Running was the focus for PE. The children looked at technique for both sprinting and endurance running.
  • In Science, the pupils talked about different types of litter, what they were made of and how they can be disposed of.
  • In Art, the pupils continued using the style of Georgia O’Keeffe and concentrated on taking photos of natural items which display patterns such as snails and flowers.

Year 5

  • Year 5 continued their topic of the Maya people, this week looking at their Gods.
  • After studying ‘The Night Mail’ by W.H Auden, year 5 wrote their own poems in the same style.
  • In Maths this week year 5 were dividing decimals and calculating the area of triangles.

Year 6

  • Year 6 looked at the difference between direct and indirect speech in English this week, putting their knowledge into practice with journalistic writing.
  • In Music, Year 6 looked at the music and composers of the Classical Period.
  • During their French lessons, Year 6 worked on the vocabulary needed to talk about their hobbies.