It has been an exciting week in Pre-Prep as we were able to welcome Reception and Year 1 pupils back into School on Friday! We have also continued with our full programme of learning for all year groups. Activities included:


  • This week the children had a virtual lesson with Mrs France about Scotland, focusing on Edinburgh.
  • In advance of returning to School the children thought about social distancing, with lessons including tasks to encourage the estimating of 2 meters distance and checking this with a measuring tape.
  • Lots of concentration was required while completing their literacy task this week. The children spent time reading a labelled diagram of a spider, drawing their own and writing captions.
  • The children also developed their accuracy with using scissors, creativity and handwriting by making calendars.

Year 1

  • In Maths the groups were multiplying and dividing by 10.
  • Year 1 were challenged to find their balance with a Yoga session in PE.
  • In English the children were tasked with constructing a story plan.
  • Topic work this week was on Christopher Columbus.

Year 2

  • Year 2 read ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ this week and examined the kind acts that she  displayed during the story. They also used the characters in the tale as their inspiration for Drama.
  • Year 2 were looking at fractions during their maths lessons, specifically thirds.
  • In Art, Year 2 began researching the Swiss sculptor and painter, Alberto Giacometti