During the last week before half-term, children in Reception to Year 2 completed some great projects and continued to put lots of effort into their set tasks.

Activities for each of the year groups included:


  • Continuing with their Pirate topic, children in Reception read ‘The Night Pirates’ and completed literacy tasks related to the story.
  • In Science, the children started an experiment to look at what happens to a piece of bread after it is rubbed with unwashed hands and left in a sealed bag.
  • Counting in fives and tens was the area of focus in Maths.

Year 1

  • Continuing their Florence Nightingale topic, the children wrote facts about the founder of modern nursing.
  • In Maths, 3D shapes were introduced and the children were tasked with matching the 2D shape to their corresponding 3D form.
  • In Art, the children made the finishing touches to their paper sculptures, adding a secret code to their work.

Year 2

  • In RE, Year 2 learnt about Pentecost.
  • Maths tested mental arithmetic and the classes completed set tasks including measuring problems with mass and capacity.
  • In English, the children focused on using ‘er’ and ‘est’ words to compare objects, drawing pictures to illustrate. They also read ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and sorted descriptive words to match the characters in the story.
  • The children continued to work on their topic of St Lucia by drawing animals native to the island.