There were plenty of opportunities to take our learning outside just prior to half-term, which many of the children enjoyed immensely.

Little Acorns and Oaks

This week’s fairy-tale was ‘Jack and Jill’.

  • The sunny weather has seen the children spending more time cooling off with water play. To practise their hand to eye co-ordination, the children have been scooping items out of a tray of water and putting them into another container.
  • They also enjoyed making crowns (Jack fell down and broke his crown) with materials found at home and talking about the shapes and colours involved in their design.
  • The children have also used a bucket to pretend to be Jack and Jill during their daily walks to collect items like leaves, twigs and pebbles. They then laid the items out at home and tried to spot the differences between the things that they had found.

Nursery Maple and Willow

This week’s fairy-tale was the ‘Three Billy Goats Gruff’.

  • This week the children sorted the three goats in the story into size order and then found items around their houses which they could fit into the same categories.
  • For Art, the children used toilet rolls, pens and paint or felt tip pens to make their very own billy goats. Later in the week they also made a troll and practised their scissor skills by giving him a haircut!
  • To round off the week the children talked about the Troll in the story, thinking about how he treated the goats and trying to think about why he may have acted that way.

Pre-School Hazel and Laurel

  • Pre-School children made some fantastic bridges out of lollipop sticks or cardboard this week.
  • Lots of the children also attempted the optional task set, to make a no-bake cheesecake decorated with goats.
  • The children talked about sizes this week. They found items around their houses that were similar to each other but small, medium and large in size.
  • For a fun task to enjoy outside, the children made flowery letters. They practised their scissor skills by cutting out the first letter of their name. They then poked holes in the letter (with adult help) through which they placed flowers found on their walks.