At St Edward’s, we encourage pupils to get fully involved in all aspects of School life to gain the most from all academic, extra-curricular, sporting and cultural activities on offer.

Clubs and extra-curricular activities are an important aspect of school life. They give students places to tap into their creativity, pick up new skills and to socialise. They can often be credited with making valuable contributions to the educational and developmental journey of our students.

During lockdown it is especially important for us to maintain this provision as best we can.

Some of our clubs have needed to adapt, for example Choir is now a virtual ‘Sing Up St Edward’s’ session held once a week through teams and Science Club is now a teams-based group experiment session using household items (this week we made Air Cannons!).

Other clubs have needed to be put on hold completely (such as as team sports) to be replaced by alternatives, for example, the PE Department’s new Running Club. Participants are encouraged to use the app ‘Strava’ to track their progress, with prizes awarded for most improved times, longest accumulative distance and elevation gained by the 8th July.

There is also a wealth of activities and skill development tasks to take advantage of on the school Well-being Window.