Five whole weeks of distance learning. It’s been a learning curve for all of us and we are constantly being pleasantly surprised by the positive approach our children have- keep up the good work everyone!

Some examples of what the children have been up to over the past week:

Year 3

  • Maths saw the children learn about equivalent fractions.
  • In Science, Year 3 learnt about the functions of roots and stems of plants. They designed posters to show how these parts of plants work to provide the nutrients and water.
  • As part of their French lessons the children continued to practise naming the parts of the body.

Year 4

  • Out Year 4 artists learnt how to draw a Robin this week, following video instruction from Mrs Richardson.
  • English, some groups used waterfalls as a stimulus as they focussed on finding powerful verbs and descriptive phrases to use in their writing.
  • In Science the children were exploring the human impact on the environment and the ways in which we affect ecosystems.

Year 5

  • Year 5 some groups progressed to calculating the area of irregular shapes during their Maths lessons.
  • In Science life cycles of insects were investigated.
  • Humanities continued the topic of the Maya people and Year 5 worked on mapping cities in the area.

Year 6

  • In English some of the children were learning about what makes a great spy story and begin to construct their own. They also looked at villains in detail and tried to identify what makes a fantastic ‘baddie’ in fiction, they then used this knowledge to design their own evil characters.
  • In Science, classification keys were introduced as a way of identifying an unknown organism.
  • For some, Maths involved a practical task this week, using water to calculate the volume of an unusual objects.
  • In RE the children were exploring the concept of eternity and drew pictures of what it represents for them.

Here’s a selection of images received over the last week: