Our Pre-Prep children have continued to work incredibly hard over the past week and we have been impressed with the work that they are submitting and their participation in our zoom circle times.

Activities for the past week have included:

Reception Elm

  • Children have been working on halving numbers, solving problems, including doubling, halving and sharing. For a fun activity they have also made a maths treasure map.
  • Continuing their Pirate topic, the children also made boats out of food packaging and tested them in water.
  • In Science, a float or sink experiment was a big hit with the children.

Year 1

  • In maths Year 1 have been counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.
  • RE work covered Ascension Day.
  • In Science, the children were identifying plants by sorting pictures to match their names. Some of the children even took the pictures out on their daily walks to try and spot the plants in real life.
  • For Art this week Year 1 have produced pictures in the style of the Russian painter Kandinsky.
  • Their topic work this week focused on Florence Nightingale.

Year 2

  • In RE Year 2 were tasked with drawing a rainbow prayer. They drew 7 arcs using 7 different colours. They then added prayer requests and things that they are thankful for.
  • This week saw the children start the final version of their designed paper sculptures using the techniques they have been practising.
  • For Maths, subtraction practise was the focus this week. The children used number lines to help them.