This week our activities focused on the story of “The Three Little Pigs”!

Tasks for the various age groups included:

Little Acorns and Oaks:

  • Making a pig out of craft materials.
  • Making wind streamers for the garden.
  • Making pig and wolf puppets out of egg boxes and houses out of old food packaging to use for role play.
  • Sensory play using different materials mentioned in the story. Children were then encouraged to discuss the different textures, weights and properties of the materials.
  • Match the tails to the pig game. Great to support colour recognition and fine motor development.

Nursery Maple and Willow

  • To link to this weeks topic of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ the children took part in an experiment about the wind. They collected items from around their houses and pretended to be the Big Bad Wolf and blow them over. Items were sorted into two groups, those which blew over and those which did not.
  • The children also used sticks from their gardens in a number game. The sticks were then used to make house shapes.

Pre-School Hazel and Laurel

  • This week, Pre-School phonic letters were: g, o, u, l, f and b. The children collected items from around the house that began with each letter.
  • As a fun activity and a way of practising number recognition, a game of Bingo was played during zoom circle time.
  • To link with this week’s topic of ‘The Three Little Pigs’, the children made wind streamers and tested them outside.