It was fantastic to see that so many students, parents and staff took the time to enter the House History Mini-Essay Competition. The History Department was delighted to receive a range of excellent entries, across all the categories.

Head of History, Mr Martin, said ‘I personally learnt a huge amount reading the essays and it was fascinating to see the range of historical figures that people chose; from relatively well known figures such as Martin Luther King and Florence Nightingale to much more obscure, little known figures such as Elizabeth Smith Freidman and Katherine Johnson.’

The quality of entries was high, with the time and effort that people had put into their entries obvious. Many of the entries also focused on historical figures with personal links to the writer, which was lovely to see. As all of the essays were so interesting, well written and informative, it was decided that all students who entered will receive five House Points, along with a small edible prize upon return to school. Mr Martin has also sourced some prizes for all of the parents who entered!

After much deliberation the following category winners were chosen:

  • Key Stage 3 & 4: Sophie E (Year 10), for her entry about Katherine Johnson.
  • Sixth Form: Elinor H E (Year 12), for her essay about Cicero.
  • Parents – there were joint winners in this category: Mrs Hogg, for the essay she wrote about her friend and neighbour John Cornwell, who served in World War Two. Mr Dagnall, who wrote about President John F Kennedy.

A special mention must also be made regarding one of our families, 75% of whom entered the competition. A special award goes to Rose M (Year 7) as the winner of the her ‘family category’ – well done Rose!

It is wonderful to see that the study and subject of History is clearly so thriving amongst the St Edward’s community.


Senior School | 15th May 2020