We have had another very productive week in Prep. The effort and enthusiasm that our pupils are putting into their daily tasks has been fantastic, and everyone seems to be getting a lot out of their daily live lessons.

Some examples of the what the children have been working on over the past week are as follows:

Year 3

  • In PE this week it was all about jumping, and working hard to ensure that landings are controlled, with soft knees, good posture and a balanced finish.
  • In Maths, areas covered included revising multiplication facts and investigating perimeters.
  • In Humanities this term Year 3 are learning about the Romans in Britain. One creative task this week was to compare the outfits worn by Celtic Warriors and the Roman Soldier.
  • For Science, the children were asked to consider all the things that plants need in order to grow well.


Year 4

  • In Year 4 English, tasks set included using descriptive language to describe a strange place and a challenge to show that they had read and understood a poem entitled “The Bogeyman” by Jack Prelutsky.
  • In Maths, there was a focus on mental addition and subtraction.
  • In Spanish, the children were exploring new Spanish vocabulary for ‘snacks’.
  • For PE the challenges included working to improve overarm throwing in cricket.


Year 5

  • In Science, the children were looking at life cycles of amphibians. They were tasked with researching the different animal groups, with a focus on frogs and salamanders.
  • In Humanities, Year 5 started a new topic on the Mayans – researching facts about the Maya civilisation in order to explain who the Mayans were and when and where in the world they lived.
  • For their Maths work Year 5 were working on a range of topics including dividing, adding and subtracting fractions, problem solving with money and exploring perimeter.
  • In PE there is a focus on athletics this term, and Year 5 started off with a number of activities related to balance.


Year 6

  • In Music the children were considering composers of the Medieval Period (1100-1450), listening to, and appraising, pieces of music from the time.
  • In English, some of the groups were exploring the genre of “spy thriller stories” and the various characters that we encounter – Villain, Hero/Spy, Controller and Henchman. Other groups were challenged to complete a piece of creative writing in the style of Anne Fine.
  • In Maths, Year 6 were working on a number of topics including surface area, 2D shapes, and ratio code-breaking.
  • In Science, the year group were looking at the classification of vertebrates and investigating their habitats.
  • For Humanities this week, given that it was a VE Day there were a range of activities linked to the event. This included a challenge to bake a fruit cake working to the recipe for Winston Churchill’s favourite cake.


Here is a selection of images we’ve received over the last week!