It has been a very busy week in Pre-Prep with some lovely opportunities for the children to focus on new topics, and be creative with their Distance Learning School tasks and challenges.

Activities for each of the year groups included:



  • It was pirate week in Reception with a whole range of themed activities across the curriculum, including an art and craft activity where the children could choose to make a parrot, telescope or mermaid using a toilet roll, and other craft materials to decorate it.
  • For a literacy activity the children were asked to create their very own message in a bottle – writing a note to Pirate Pete or Millie Mermaid inviting them to a party.
  • For Science the children completed an experiment about density, using a container, water and oil, with an additional challenge to create waves!
  • In PE the focus was on balance as the children made attempts to walk the plank and balance on one leg!


Year 1

  • In Maths one of the areas the children worked on was capacity, where they were comparing the capacities of different sized containers.
  • In Art, using VE Day as a stimulus, the children coloured in a Union Jack Flag. They were also set additional challenges to design a medal and design a flag for St Edward’s.
  • In PE the children were given a throwing challenge to test their aim by getting a ball into a bucket.
  • Year 1 also became plant detective as they investigated flowering plants around their homes. They were tasked with drawing a detailed sketch including as much detail as possible – leaf shape, colour and arrangement on each stem, twig or branch, including flowers or buds.


Year 2

  • In Maths, the children worked on counting in 3s. They also did some place value problem solving.
  • In English, Year 2 were working on riddles and learning about how they are a type of poem that works like a puzzle. They were challenged to write at least two riddles of their own and illustrate them. They also explored compound words.
  • In Humanities, they carried on with their topic work on St Lucia identifying and drawing physical features of the island.
  • In Science, the children were given the challenge of creating a tally chart survey of animals they could spot in a habitat of their own choice.
  • For Art, the classes were asked to create a mood board of different ways to manipulate paper into different shapes. They will be using their boards as inspiration for paper sculptures later in the term.