We had an exciting week in Kindergarten with the introduction of Zoom circle times, which were enjoyed by children and adults alike! This week our activities focused on the story of “The Gingerbread Man”!

Tasks for the various age groups included:


Little Acorns and Oaks

  • Sensory writing on trays in a mixture of salt, ginger, cinnamon and mixed spices. When the children made marks in the mixture with their fingers the idea was that they would smell some amazing scents.
  • Acting out the story in a role play activity.
  • A baking challenge for the children to make their very own gingerbread men.
  • A colour sorting and matching activity, using primary colours as a starting base.


Nursery Maple and Willow

  • The children were asked to complete a pencil control activity, following the lines in which the Gingerbread man ran on a piece of paper.
  • A gingerbread man shape activity where the children had to draw different shapes on a gingerbread man silhouette and name them correctly.
  • A craft activity to make a gingerbread man using items that can be recycled, which could then be decorated.


Pre-School Hazel and Laurel

  • In numeracy, the children made a number scanner to take on their walks and see what numbers they could see though the holes in the paper.
  • In PE activities, the children completed a task to do with jumping and changing direction.
  • In literacy, the children were continuing with their focus on the letters c k e h r m and d. For a fun task they were encouraged to trace the shapes of the letters out using a water pistol in their gardens!
  • There were a number of themed craft activities including creating a junk model of a gingerbread person, making a gingerbread board game with characters from the story as the counters, and a colouring by dice activity where the children coloured in a gingerbread figure using a code.


Some pictures we have received from home are below: