It was fantastic to welcome the Prep pupils back for the start of the Summer Term. Following the Easter break, we were all raring to get started with Distance Learning School. It was especially exciting as the new Term saw the start of live lessons for many of the Year groups.

Some example of the what the children have been working on over the past week are as follows:

Year 3

  • Despite the rain, Year 3 began their new Science topic on plants, spending time in their gardens and on their walks, to investigate the residents of our green spaces.
  • Year 3 also started their new class book, ‘The Firebird’. The Firebird steals the tsar’s golden apples so the children were tasked with creating a ‘Wanted’ poster for the Firebird’s capture.
  • In Maths, 3T did a fantastic job tackling column addition and column subtraction.

Year 4

  • Year 4 loved catching up with each other and their teachers, as they got used to using MS Teams. They shared news about their Easter breaks using their best cursive handwriting. They are all hoping to be among the first to gain ‘Pen Licenses’ this term!
  • In Art, the children created some magnificent pictures of dragon eyes – you can see examples of them here.

Year 5

  • In English, Year 5 pupils have completed online spelling lessons and dictations. They’ve also found out what Modal verbs are. Some groups have been reading an excerpt from ‘The Railway Children’, which described the characters. They then used this to write their thoughts from the viewpoint of a chosen character. In another of the English groups the children were tasked with writing poems about pollution.
  • In Mr Roberts’ and Mrs Bailey’s Maths lessons, the children were learning how to add and subtract decimals. Mathletics was put to great use for questions and answers.
  • In Computing, Year 5 worked on various tasks on Some managed to finish some Hour of Code Dance Parties as extra work too.

Year 6

  • Year 6 have started a new topic in Humanities on World War II and the children are already very enthused about it and telling us stories about their great grandfathers who fought in the war. In their Humanities lesson they completed a timeline of the start of the war and a map linked to the allies and axis countries.
  • In art the children were focussing on the concept of perspective. You can see examples of their work here.


And here is a selection of images we’ve received over the last week!