Our Pre-Prep children worked exceptionally hard last week, and it was a delight to welcome pupils in Reception to Year 2 back for the start of the Summer Term.

Activities during our third week of DLS included:


  • In EYFS there is a focus on fairytales this half-term and last week it was the story of ‘Goldilocks and the Three bears’. For a literacy task the children were asked to make a story map of the tale.
  • There was also an Art and Craft task to make an origami bear
  • They were then challenged to put themselves in Goldilocks’s shoes and write a letter of apology to say that they were sorry to the Three Bears.
  • In Maths the children were concentrating on counting in twos, using socks and pairing them as an aid to help them!

Year 1

  • In Maths the children completed work on fractions.
  • Their topic work this week focussed on Queen Elizabeth I.
  • For Science they were learning about nocturnal animals. They were asked to select two animals, one that was nocturnal and one that was not nocturnal, then say what each animal does in the day and night.
  • In RS the year group were learning about Pentecost.

Year 2

  • For Year 2 there was a focus in grammar and alliteration in English. For their alliteration work this meant using various tongue twisters! They were also looking at how words create humour in jokes, and were asked to come up with some jokes of their own.
  • The year group began a new topic of Paper Art! Over the next few weeks they will be looking at paper artists and learning how to manipulate paper to construct their own paper sculptures. Their first task was to research some artists whose work they liked the look of.
  • To get some fresh air the children were challenged to go out bug hunting, either in their gardens or on their daily walks, and investigate what animals live in those habitats.


A selection of photos we have received from home are as follows: