What a great week for our Kindergarten pupils. The topic for this half of the Summer Term is ‘Fairytales’ and the activities set will be loosely based around fairytales and stories, adapted for the children’s age and stage. Last week’s fairytale was ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’!

Tasks for the various age groups included:

Little Acorns and Oaks

  • Classifying sizes activities, including a teddy bear’s picnic to help the children practise comparing small and large sizes for maths skills.
  • Making dens for the bears out of lego bricks, boxes and cushions!
  • A challenge to create a bear mask.
  • A Spring Nature Hunt for the children to complete when exploring in their gardens or out on a family walk.

Nursery Maple and Willow

  • A story board activity to sequence the story of Goldilocks in the correct order.
  • A junk modelling task to make the beds from the story.
  • Mark making using porridge oats, salt, sand or flour.

Pre-School Hazel and Laurel

  • Pre-School’s letters of the week were c, k, e, h, r, m and d. For a fun twist on learning the letters, our Pre-Schoolers were challenged to make the shape of the letters using shoes!
  • A craft activity to make the three bears using toilet rolls/kitchen rolls and decorating them with paint, crayons, felt tip pens, tissue paper.
  • The challenge to build a house for the three bears out of any materials in the home.

Some pictures we have received from home are below: