During week two of Distance Learning School our Prep pupils have been doing some fabulous work – putting in a huge amount of effort and adapting really well to the challenges of learning at home.

We were able to introduce audio into lessons this week, along with a greater use of Microsoft Teams, which has really helped to connect teachers and pupils together.

Some example of the tasks the children have been working on over the past week are as follows:

Year 3

  • The children were asked to create a poster about how April Fools Day is celebrated around the World.
  • In English, pupils were set the challenge of writing cinquain poems about a thunderstorm, beach or holiday. Cinquain poems follow a set format of having 5 lines: 1 word, then 2 words, then 3 words, then 4 words and then 1 line for the last line.
  • For an Art task, Year 3 created their own responses to a painting by Van Gogh called ‘Cafe at Night’. They used their knowledge of complementary colours to analyse them in his painting and then painted their own version of a section from the work.

Year 4

  • Year 4 have been writing newspaper reports about Greta Thunberg’s climate change rally in Bristol. They watched a BBC News items and then wrote a report about what happened, paying careful attention to the correct features of newspaper reports.
  • They have also listened to their teacher read a story from the Bible, watched a film about the first Palm Sunday and researched information about how Palm Sunday is celebrated all over the world. The children produced fact files, posters and some excellent PowerPoints, providing some very interesting information.

Year 5

  • Some Year 5 pupils carried out a Maths trail around their houses, looking to see what different mathematical shapes they could find.
  • In English they wrote a series of reports in both newspaper and diary format about the current situation.
  • For Art, Year 5 pupils were asked to design a ceramic tile with a mythical creature on it, in the style of 19th Century artist, William de Morgan who specialised in creating ceramics with medieval and Persian inspired imagery, particularly pictures of mythical beasts.

Year 6

  • In Maths, some Year 6 pupils have been doing work focussing on the area of triangles and parallelograms.
  • In English, the children were asked to be theatrical, as they were set a creative task to write their own playscripts.
  • In Science, Year 6 have continued to work on their new topic of “light” which was introduced to them last week. The children have been learning about how light travels, how light enables us to see and the important difference between transparent, translucent and opaque.

And here is a selection of images we’ve received over the last week!