It has been another very busy week for our pupils in Reception to Year 2. All the teachers have been very pleased with the children as they have responded in such a positive way to all the Distance Learning School (DLS) activities they have been set.

Activities during our second week of DLS have included:


  • Art activities based on a piece called “The Snail” by Henri Matisse. The children watched a video introduction from Mrs France before being challenged to create their own snail using brightly coloured paper.
  • For Science the children were asked to find out about Humpback Whales and then record three facts to send in to Mrs France.
  • In preparation for Easter the children were asked to watch a video about why people celebrate the Festival of Easter, then try and learn a poem called ‘The Easter Bunny’.

Year 1

  • Year 1 did some work on herbivores, carnivores and omnivores – identifying which animals fall into which category.
  • For Topic work the children were focussing on The Great Fire of London and putting events of the time into the correct sequence.
  • The classes were set a task to about Easter Around the World and, using some supplied resources, were asked to choose a country and write 6 facts about how Easter is celebrated there.

Year 2

  • Year 2 completed a task looking at how animals have adapted to live in different habitats. Using the example of an oak tree and the animals that live there, they focussed on how they are all different because they all use the tree in different ways.
  • For their topic work on significant people from history the children were asked to produce a fact file about Galileo and create a timeline plotting significant events in his life.
  • A focus on the Christian festival of Easter and the challenge to create an Easter garden.

A selection of photos we have received from home are as follows: