What a week for our pupils in Kindergarten and Pre-Prep! We have been really impressed by everything they have managed to achieve through Distance Learning School (DLS), and the enthusiasm all our families have shown in taking on the set tasks.

As well as a range of numeracy and literacy work, pupils in all year groups have been set a variety of activities linked to their specific year group curriculum.

Activities for each year group during our first week of DLS have included:


Kindergarten and Pre-School

  • Mud Pie Challenge – to make mud pies/cakes in the garden using kitchen utensils and water
  • What’s in the Square – marking out a square on the floor either indoors or outside and then exploring and discussing what can be seen within the square.
  • The Rainbow Trail – creating a rainbow with paints or crayons to make someone smile.


  • A variety of activities based on the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ including a challenge to build a house for one of the Three Little Pigs using any construction toy or natural resources.
  • An outdoor Maths task to explore the garden to find shapes including circles, triangles, squares and cylinders.
  • Creating a video of themselves reciting the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty.

Year 1

  • With the help of a PowerPoint presentation the children were asked to identify 6 facts about Palm Sunday and draw a picture about the occasion.
  • A challenge to make some gingerbread men and write out instructions for to do it remembering to including ingredients and then a method, using numbered steps.
  • Topic work to research Samuel Pepys and Charles II and write four facts about each.

Year 2

  • Some work on dialogue where they children were tasked with imagining a conversation between two Aunts, using an activity sheet as a stimulus.
  • A practical Maths task for the pupils to go ‘shopping’ around their house, working out pricing up items and working out change.
  • Using some online resources to find out more about food chains then constructing their own 3 or 4 step food chains in their workbooks.

Some pictures we have received from home are below. We cant wait to see what the children make of their activities coming up in the week ahead!