Last weekend, St Edward’s students enjoyed a three-day camp as part of their CCF (Combined Cadet Force) training. 57 Staff and Cadets travelled to the Nesscliff training area in Shrewsbury for a packed weekend of activities.

Fieldcraft, building a two-man shelter, using Operational Ration Packs (ORP) and learning how to cook, skill at arms, preparing for their weapon handling test and range practise on the Dismounted Close Combat Trainer (DCCT) were just a few of the lessons our Junior Cadets took part in.

The Senior Cadets took part in a Communication, Information Systems course using the new Cadet Force Mercury VHF radio system. All of them passed the Cadet Radio user course and were awarded their proficiency badge by the Contingent Commander, Maj Winfield during the final parade on Sunday.

A highlight for most of the students was the range practise on the DCCT range. As this was the first camp our new Year 8 and 9 Cadets took part in, lots of training had been carried out on Thursday parade nights beforehand, to make sure everyone was comfortable with the drills needed to help pass their weapon handling test. After some final practice everyone passed the test and was able to take part in the activity. All the Cadets had the opportunity to fire from 23 & 50 metres to develop their marksmanship skills.

A special goes mention to the following new Cadets who achieved very good results on their first-time shooting: Annie M (Year 9), Hugo B (Year 9) and Tom H (Year 9).

Senior School | 17/03/2020