Rock climbing, horse riding and musicals were the order of the day at Tuesday afternoon’s meeting of the Junior Stride Darnley Society. The Society, which has been in existence for well over ten years, is a meeting of students, and some teachers, who come together each term to listen to, and discuss, presentations from other student members.

For Tuesday’s meeting, three students had chosen a subject that they were passionate about and prepared a presentation to share with the group.

First up we had Arabella N (Year 8), who had chosen her long-time hobby; rock climbing. Speaking with knowledge and confidence, she explained how she came to be involved in the sport, the different types of rock climbing and the recognition of rock climbing in the upcoming 2020 Olympics.

Next, we heard a very comprehensive presentation from Antonia B ( Year 8) about horse riding. She spoke with ease and confidence throughout, explaining the many forms of the sport,  and the variety of equestrian competitions.

Last but not least, we had a wonderful presentation from Isabella P (Year 8) about her love of Musicals. Issy explained that the addition of dance and music to a story told on the stage is what draws her to the genre. She also spoke about an inspiring live interview that she attended with Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Each of our speakers were engaging and spoke with clarity and confidence. It was clear that lots of hard work had been put into the presentations, which were well received by the audience and prompted lots of conversation points from the floor.

Presentation skills are extremely useful, both in and outside the classroom. After completing a project, presentations can be a fantastic way for students to share what they have learnt. It is also a chance for the speakers to challenge and expand on their understanding of the topic by answering questions from the audience. In the world of work, a confident presenter is able to inform and persuade colleagues effectively, so taking part in activities such as these meetings will really help our students prepare for the future.

Senior School | 11/03/2020