Today’s Prep School assembly, led by Mr Fathers, was the last in our February theme of ‘How small things can make a big difference’. The children thought hard about how the little things they do can have a big impact on others, from an infectious smile, the kind gesture of holding the door open for someone or the little, but essential, inventions such as paper clips or nails used in construction.

There was then a discussion about ‘The Apostleship of the Sea’, a Catholic charity providing pastoral care to seafarers through chaplaincies at ports in all continents of the world. Seafarers are often away from their families for more than six months at a time and the support provided from this charity ensures their well-being and guarantees access to priests and communion. You can find out more about their work at

Today we are raising money for the charity through activities organised by our Pupil Chaplaincy Team. All pupils have been invited to come to school dressed in mufti (preferably in sea colours, such as blue and green) and to bake cakes for a cake sale taking place in the Library at the end of the School day.

The grand total raised for the day was a fantastic £466!

Prep School | 28/02/2020