Year 2 have been learning about the impact pollution is having on our natural environment. Their focus this week was on the pollution of our waterways and how it can affect the natural habitats of fish, animals and plants.

In class, the children completed an experiment to see how the addition of various elements can affect the purity of water. They started off by placing a model “Freddie the fish” in a box of clean water. Then, as they read a story about Freddie’s journey from the stream to the sea, they added a number of items to the water to represent the pollutants in our waterways, including mud, oil, food and rubbish.

As the children watched as Freddie’s water began to change they were encouraged to think about the impact that polluted water has, not only on fish, but on all living organisms in our rivers and seas. They also spoke about the various ways in which we can all help to reduce this type of pollution.