We were delighted to welcome a very special guest to the Prep School last Friday afternoon. Peggy Smith, who has reached the impressive age of 105 years old, came to talk to some of our Year 6 pupils about her life and the world events that she has lived through.

Peggy talked about her work in the fashion industry and also of her experiences during World War Two when her husband was a soldier. She also reflected on some significant events in history that she had witnessed, including the Moon landings, which she remembers as a hugely significant moment. The Year 6s had the opportunity to ask Peggy questions and it was really interesting for them to hear about the different type of life Peggy had experienced as a child when compared to their own.

It was lovely to hear Peggy say that, despite getting on in age, she is still keen to be in touch with the world and she was genuinely interested to talk to the Year 6s about their lives and the activities they enjoy doing.

Peggy was keen to encourage our pupils to make sure they try really hard at school as she is convinced that it sets people up for life. She urged them to make the most of the opportunities they have every day and to look at life as adventure.

We are hugely grateful to Peggy for giving up her time to come and visit us and, as a token of our appreciation, the Year 6 pupils were very pleased to present her with a jar of honey from our beehives.