Girls from Key Stage 3 have taken part in a Cricket Taster session, providing an opportunity for them to test their skills, with many of them playing cricket for the first time.

Girls’ Cricket is a new sport for St Edward’s Senior & Sixth Form that will start in the Summer Term, with some further lessons and training sessions planned to take place during the Spring. The taster session, run by Gecko Sports, allowed the girls to gain a sense of what they could be enjoying next term.

The session started with an introduction to cricket, for those who had not played cricket before, with students familiarising themselves with the techniques and rules of bowling, learning how to become more accurate using their non-bowling arm.

They were then split into five groups that bowled simultaneously to a range of different targets, testing a range of different skills which aimed to improve technique and precision.

In the first lane, the pupils were aiming directly for the stumps and the second had a mat on the ground that tested their short balls. The third set-up had stumps with some plastic bases in front of them, which the girls had to aim for in order to generate a fuller (Yorker) length. The penultimate lane had cones to reward a full-length ball and the final one had cones narrowly lined up to show the correct line for the ball to hit.

If a bowler hit the correct zone on their respective lane they gained a point, allowing them to monitor their progress and learn where they need to improve. Our KS3 girls thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to try out a new sport, and are looking forward to the next session which is scheduled to take place just before the half-term break.