For the past three weeks in the Senior School we have been joined by three trainee teachers from Chicago – Alissa, Malina and Jackie – who came to St Edward’s to gain experience of life in an English School. Whilst they were with us they spent time working in the English and Music Departments, taking lessons and assisting our teachers.

This week, they led some additional sessions, delivering presentations in Geography lessons about their home city and answering questions from our eager students about what life is like in the United States of America.

They also faced questions from our inquisitive students about how they have found life in England during their visit and if it was what they had expected.

Alissa said that her biggest surprise was the different format of our school day, but also mentioned how impressed she was with the attitude of our pupils and their willingness to learn.

She said, “Being at St Edward’s has been a wonderful experience where everyone has been so welcoming and the children have been great. Having the opportunity to share what life is like here has been a really good opportunity and the students were definitely not afraid to ask some hard-hitting questions about American life when they had the chance!”