Sixth Form Classics students visited the ‘Troy: Myth and Reality’ exhibit at the British Museum in London this week in order to enhance their knowledge of one of Greek Mythology’s most famous stories.

The legend of Troy has existed for thousands of years, with the exhibit focusing on the people who are said to have been involved in the Trojan War. It also explores the reasons why the story has continuously been retold and immortalised in art, film and theatre.

The exhibit, which is being hosted until early March, provided our Classical Civilisation and Latin A Level students with an opportunity to see examples of both ancient sculpture, as well as contemporary works of art. There was also the chance to examine some of the evidence that adventurers and archaeologists have found looking for the lost city.

Our Sixth Formers thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the opportunity to see first-hand some of the fascinating work and creations that the city of Troy has inspired.