PC McDowell came along to assembly at the Prep School this week to talk to Year 2-Year 6 pupils about the important role played by the Police in Cheltenham and the work they do to protect people in the local community.

PC McDowell, who is a Cheltenham-based Schoolbeat officer, firstly talked about some of the different Departments within the Police Service and what their roles are. She then presented a mock crime scene incident and challenged the children to explain how to deal with it and work towards solving the case!

To do that, PC McDowell enlisted the help of two Year 6s, Daniel and Leila, who put on some police gear and helped collect ‘evidence’, correctly working with the other pupils in the Sports Hall.

Evidence bags, police tape and evidence tubes, used for sharp objects, were used to collect information from the ‘crime scene’. PC McDowell made sure that the children were made aware of the importance of collecting the evidence correctly in order to ensure that they had the best chance of identifying the suspect.

PC Leila and PC Daniel were aided by a trusty ‘police dog’ to help catch the perpetrator, who we discovered was Deputy Headteacher, Miss Tow!

The presentation ended with an opportunity for the pupils to ask questions and it was clear that everyone present had found it to be a hugely interesting and informative event.

PC McDowell also recently visited the Senior School to talk to Year 7 students about Internet Safety – you can read all about her visit here.