With the General Election taking place this week, our Politics Department hosted a Mock Election at School where pupils could vote digitally for the party of their choice.

Pupils were shown ‘party broadcasts’ during Form Time which had been created and filmed by our Sixth Formers. The broadcasts outlined some of the key policies from each of the political parties and aimed to give a representation of what each was offering the general public.

After the dramatic lead-up, we all had the opportunity to go to the Polls! Our Head of Politics, Mr Morgan, and his team of students set up their polling station in The Canopy during lunchtime on Tuesday, giving all pupils and staff the opportunity to cast their vote.

Unlike the typical ballot system used in the real election, we used a digital voting system that allowed for students to vote quickly and for results to be calculated instantly.

After votes had been cast and the election concluded, it was time to reveal the all-important results. The Conservatives came out on top with 35.74% share of the vote, closely followed by Liberal Democrats with 29.36%. The Green Party and Labour Party collected 18.72% and 16.17% respectively.

Interestingly, following the real election on Thursday, although the St Edward’s figures were not entirely representative of the national statistics, there were some similarities to our local Cheltenham election.

Mirroring our local constituency election, the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats enjoyed the lion-share of the votes, with Labour trailing behind.

There was also close similarity in the voter turnout, with 67.23% of the public voting in the General Election and 67.97% of the student body voting in our School election.

The Mock Election has served as an excellent opportunity to expose our students to the world of politics, helping them gain a better understanding of how the country’s political system works and hopefully inspiring a wave of new young voters in the coming years.