Year 12 and 13 RS Students attended a series of masterclass lectures in the Mathematical Institute at the University of Oxford on Monday. The lectures were delivered by four subject specialist Professors, each providing a unique insight into the topics in question.

Professor Keith Ward explored the ideas behind religious authority – questioning should we prioritise personal experience, scripture, reason or tradition as being most significant in our philosophical thought.

Professor Alister McGrath helped the students to explore the question of whether religion is needed for ethics through Hume’s is/ought fallacy.

‘Is God a Woman?’ was the topic of the presentation from Professor Daphne Hampton. In this talk she challenged the audience to explore the gender politics that underpins Judaeo-Christian religions.

Professor Tom Greggs The University of Aberdeen took them on the journey ‘Hell and back in 45 minutes’.

The day concluded with an interactive debate asking whether the conflicting truth claims of world religions render all religions false.

The opportunity to listen to leading academics is a fantastic way to inspire independent learning and we are sure that the experience will help our students to further their understanding of their A Level courses.