Earlier this half-term, Year 12 Business and Economics students travelled to Bristol to participate in the Festival of Economics, hosted by Bristol University.

The Festival, in its eighth year, sees economists and experts from around the world debate with each other, and the audience, about some key economic questions.

Our Year 12s took part in a number of exercises and activities throughout the course of the day, as well as attending lectures from industry professionals and higher education students.

The first activity was a business-related competition, where the Sixth Formers had to buy raw materials to make a set menu for a restaurant. The St Edward’s students thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to gain experience of bidding competitively.

In the afternoon, each school in attendance were asked to create a poster on ‘the advantages and disadvantages of GDP per Capita’, a topic that is covered in the curriculum, providing an opportunity for the students to put their knowledge into practice with a detailed description and presentation.

The Festival was very beneficial to our Year 12s, as they were able to enrich their study of the A Level syllabus, as well as broaden their knowledge of economics in the wider world.