Our Pre-School and Pre-Prep pupils put on an absolutely fantastic show when they performed their Christmas production of ‘Shine Star, Shine’ to pupil and parent audiences.

Our Sports Hall was transformed with trees, lights and most importantly a wonderful cast, as the children took to the stage on three separate occasions. They first performed to their older peers on Tuesday afternoon, before impressing parents and family members with performances on Thursday and Friday to full-house audiences.

‘Shine Star, Shine’ is a Nativity production from the perspective of the Star of Bethlehem, who, despite all of his effort, is not able to shine and show the Three Kings and Shepherds to the way to Jesus. Fortunately, all the other stars lead the big star to the stable where he sees Mary, Joseph and the beautiful baby. He realises that Jesus loves all the stars, angels and people of the world and this love gives the big star the strength to shine again.

At each show it was clear to see that both the Pre-Prep and Pre-Schoolers had worked very hard to learn their lines along with a selection of catchy songs. The opportunity for them to perform in front of an audience really helped to boost the confidence of our young pupils, enabling them all to shine.