In the lead up to Christmas, this year, the St Edward’s Senior & Sixth Form Chaplaincy Team have embraced a tradition common in many parts of the globe called ‘Las Posadas’.

Celebrated chiefly in Latin America, Mexico, Guatemala and Cuba, Las Posadas is a special focus during the season of Advent as preparations are made for Christmas. Typically figures from the Nativity scene tour around people’s houses and arrive to be placed in the Crib scene at Church at Christmas. It is believed to have started in Mexico in the 15th century by Franciscan Missionary Friar Pedro de Gante.

For our ‘Las Posadas’ we have an icon of the Virgin Mary, which will be taken around each of our tutor groups from today until the end of the Autumn Term. Each classroom has a designated day where the icon will be present, before it is passed on to the next.

Year 7s are the first to host the icon in their Form rooms, before it moves up throughout the Year Groups in the lead up to the Christmas break.