We were delighted to welcome two new arrivals to the Prep School Farm today, a couple of very friendly Kunekune piglets, who join our alpacas, goats, chickens and ducks.

The piglets, who are currently one-fifth of their full-grown size, have been introduced to our pupils, with our Farm Club representatives on-hand to give them a warm welcome.

Kunekune pigs are known as the smallest breed of pigs, along with being the friendliest for human interaction. This makes them the perfect addition to our farm, providing even more opportunities for our pupils to develop their understanding of how to care for, and respect, animals.

They appear to have settled very well into their new home and are proving to be extremely popular with pupils and staff alike. As with the other animals on our Farm, the pupils will be asked to submit suggestions for names they think will be fitting for our new residents – so watch this space!

Our onsite School Farm is an invaluable resource in the general life of the School, providing the opportunity for our pupils to gain practical skills and a knowledge of animal care. There are numerous ways in which the Farm integrates with the academic life of the School, taking subjects like Science and Geography out of the classroom, and allowing us to offer a rounded cross-curricular educational experience.

The animals residing on our Farm receive the utmost level of care, as it is extremely important to us that they are all treated equally, and are happy and healthy. Farm Club runs every lunchtime and, over the course of the academic year, each Year group has an opportunity to get involved. Members of the Club take responsibility for a variety of tasks including cleaning out the enclosures, replenishing water and hay, and giving the animals food.

Most importantly, through their involvement with the School Farm, our pupils develop a greater understanding of their environmental responsibility and respect for all living things. It also provides opportunities to focus on a wide range of environmental issues.