Students from Shukutoku Sugamo High School in Japan paid a visit to the Senior School today. It was a fantastic opportunity for our own students to learn more about Japanese culture and find out about how life for school pupils in Japan is different to their own.

When they arrived the Japanese children were given a tour of the Senior School by our tour guides, before they delivered a presentation to Year 10 students in the Main Hall.

The presentation encompassed a whole range of things to do with Japanese culture, from education and food to holidays and landmarks, learning about the differences in how a typical school day works and the attitudes towards diet and breaks from school.

They were also treated to an impressive Karate demonstration by two black belts, who used some traditional techniques and showed various techniques of wood breaking.

After the cultural show, the Shukutoku Sugamo students ran workshops in calligraphy where they taught our pupils how to write in Japanese. They also showed us how to do some origami and introduced us to some popular Japanese school games.

Our Year 10s and tour guides were excellent ambassadors for the School and it was lovely to see the two groups bonding during the various activities, and over lunch in the Canopy.

We would like to thank Shukutoku Sugamo High School for taking time out of their busy schedule in England to visit us and putting such fantastic effort into presenting to our pupils.