Six members of our Sixth Form took centre stage after School on Tuesday this week to deliver extended Project Qualification (EPQ) presentations, which contribute towards their final A Level grade.

EPQ is an A Level qualification in independent research and requires around 90 hours of self-directed study.

Candidates are encouraged to challenge themselves to look into topics that spark their interest, and are tasked with producing an artefact, essay or performance at the end of their project. The presentation element of the qualification provides an opportunity for students to share their EPQ journey with their teachers and peers.

Included amongst the topics this week were ‘Is Gender a Barrier in Aviation?’, ‘Will the Public or Private Sector Colonise Space?’ and ‘16th Century Polyphonic Music of the New World’.

There was huge variety in the presentations with each of the students picking something personal to them. The genuine interest demonstrated by all of the pupils, not only when presenting, but also when discussing and answering questions afterwards, was fantastic to see.