St Edward’s Senior & Sixth Form were very happy to host the Year 4 Maths Challenge in our Performance Hall this afternoon. Children from 22 local schools, including Brockworth Primary Academy, Carrant Brook Junior School, Cheltenham College Prep, The Richard Pate School, St John’s Primary School, St Edward’s Prep School, The Catholic School of St Gregory the Great and Warden Hill Primary School came together to put their maths skills to the test.

Working in pairs, the Year 4 pupils worked diligently together to complete a series of maths challenges that included working with dominoes and tangrams.

St Edward’s Senior School pupils from Year 8 took on the role of ‘markers’, as they worked their way round the groups, checking the younger children’s work throughout the afternoon. They were also on hand to offer help and support to the Year 4s when they were stumped by a particularly challenging mathematical problem. It was fantastic to see our Year 8s taking on the role of ‘teacher’ and helping Year 4 to get to grips with problems they didn’t initially understand.

Congratulations to the team from The Richard Pate School who were the winners on the day!