Our Pre-School and Pre-Prep pupils had an extremely exciting day exploring all things science, taking part in various practicals and learning about the PH Scale and changing states of matter.

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children moved around the classrooms participating in a carousel of experiments. The simple combination of cornflour, water and food colouring fascinated the pupils as they witnessed cornflour slime changed state between solid and liquid when different pressures were applied to it.

Our specialist Science Lab was where the pupils made red cabbage ‘potions’. Using a red cabbage solution they added lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda, to learn about the difference between acids and alkalis.

One of the most popular activities was an experiment to discover how gingerbread men would react when exposed to different liquids. The children covered them in water, vinegar, oil and fruit juice, observing the changes that each of the liquids made.

There was also an opportunity to get creative with a range of other household items! The children found that when you add washing up liquid to a solution of milk and food colouring, it bonds with the fat in the milk moving the colouring around and creating an exciting explosion of colour.

Pre-School got in on the science action in the afternoon, with groups making crystallised sugar using food colouring and sugar-water solution. They headed outside for their next experiment which concentrated on the reaction created when Diet Coke is poured over Mentos. All the children thoroughly enjoyed the eruption from the bottle.

All the year groups had an excellent time, delighting in their hands-on experience with Science, as our teachers helped to make Science accessible and fun.