There was lots of laughter and plenty of good humour created by a group of very talented Prep pupils at a Stand-up Comedy “Speech Matters” event, held after School on the last day of the half-term.

Nine budding comedians stepped up to the challenge of making an audience laugh as they took to the podium to share some of their favourite jokes and funny stories. As well as traditional stand-up we also had a puppet show from one of the participants, along with a recitation of an amusing extract from Roald Dahl’s “Fantastic Mr Fox” from another.

Each of their personalities shone through as the pupils made the audience smile, chuckle and laugh out loud!

“Speech Matters” is a termly event at the Prep School, providing pupils with the opportunity to gain experience of public speaking in front of an audience. Their performances at this occasion were very highly praised, not only for their amusing content, but also for the fact that each performer demonstrated excellent use of the 4 Ps of effective delivery:

  • Power – speaking loudly enough for the people further back to hear but not too loud for the people in the front row.
  • Pitch – making good use of the variation of tone when speaking.
  • Pace – ensuring the speed at which they spoke was just right
  • Pause – pausing from time to time to allow people to take in what they were saying.

At the close of the event both the children and the audience agreed that they would like the stand-up comedy event to become regular feature of “Speech Matters” so we look forward to having the opportunity to come together to laugh some more later in the academic year.