Rock band, “The Hara” took time out of their busy schedule to visit and perform for St Edward’s Senior & Sixth Form students this morning, whilst also giving an important message about mental health and e-safety.

After performing a number of their songs, band members Josh, Jack and Zack, spoke candidly about mental health and the importance of using social media correctly.

The Hara regularly visit schools in the UK to not only perform, but also to deliver a passionate message about the importance of good mental health and what precautions can be taken when using social media platforms, along with their own experiences of school life and how they have impacted and shaped their lives now.

Lead guitarist, Zack Breen, spoke to the pupils about social media and the ease of which it is to fall into trying to conform to social pressures and expectations. He said, “It’s so important now, more than ever, to express yourselves, because so many people don’t do that because of what others may think of them. If you have the courage to stand out you will be infinitely better than anyone who tries to bring you down”.

Josh Taylor, The Hara’s lead singer, echoed that sentiment and explained that what is posted now as students is still important as an adult because of the permanent and fixed nature of posting on social media. “When you move into Sixth Form, universities or careers, social media plays a big part in that. It is like a second CV where people can see what kind of person you are from what you post and whatever you put on is there forever, even if you want to delete it”.

We would like to thank The Hara for coming to visit our school and not only performing for St Edward’s pupils, but also for sharing their own experiences to help educate our young people.