This week pupils in Year 5 and 6 had the opportunity to think about their futures when they participated in a Careers Workshop, led by the Careers Lead from St Edward’s Senior & Sixth Form, Mrs Prew.

Each Workshop began with Mrs Prew asking the pupils a series of questions including how they would describe what a job is and what a career is, along with thinking about what jobs they might like to do themselves one day.

There were a whole host of responses when asked about future careers with jobs including Vet, Doctor, U-Tuber, Author, Tennis Player, Teacher, Actress, Rocket Scientist, Fashion Designer and Architect all being mentioned.

Each group took part in a number of activities that challenged them to think about their day-to-day lives and how that might change as they got older. Some of the groups were asked to write a timetable of their day so far, and then think about how that might be different when they were older and going to work.

In another activity the children were given cards with job roles written on them. In pairs they then had to ask each other eight questions to try and work out what the jobs were.

In all the sessions it was fantastic to see the pupils engaging with the tasks and really focussing on the concept of jobs and employment. When asked to provide feedback on the sessions there were lots of positive responses including:

  • It was good because it made me think about what I want to be when I’m older
  • It was interesting and fun because I found out about new jobs.
  • I enjoyed this session because I now know what I have to do to become a GP.
  • The session was fun and I really enjoyed playing the games.
  • It was fun finding out about what my friends want to do when they are older