To enrich their study of their current History topic, “The Tudors”, pupils in Year 5 paid a visit to the John Moore Museum in Tewkesbury this week. Located close to Tewkesbury Abbey, the Museum focusses on heritage and natural history, and is home to a restored and furnished 15th century shop and dwelling.

During their time at the Museum Year 5 participated in a number of workshops, one of which was entitled “At home with the Tudors” and provided an opportunity for our pupils to immerse themselves in the smells and sights of times gone by. They took a tour of the 15th century Merchant’s House with the merchant’s housewife, tried on historic clothing and discovered what it was really like to live in the Tudor age.

They also found out about Tudor buildings and health in Tudor times. This included learning about the the Black Death, and the doctors of the period, who wore beak-like masks in the belief that this would prevent them from contracting the plague.

The visit provided our Year 5s with a fantastic opportunity to enjoy a hands-on experience of the Tudor period and the will now be able to apply what they saw and learnt in their History lessons in School.