The annual Languages Department ‘European Lunch’ competition took place yesterday afternoon in the Canopy, where Year 9s were tasked with representing a country and recreating their local delicacies.

The pupils were briefed with first choosing a European country of their choice, where they would research about the culture and food and create a display where they would be judged in four separate categories. These were background information, representation of food, appropriate table presentation of their country of choice and an overall prize.

The countries that were vying to be named the best on the day were Cyprus, England, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Italy, Ireland and Spain.

The high standard on show gave the judges a difficult time to decide winners for each of the categories. England, represented by Esme, Libby, Shaniqua, Zoe, Olivia and Pati, won the overall prize, with Molly, Alessia, Mackenzie and Akari winning the Background award as Greece.

The other two prizes for Food and Presentation were won by Rachel, Tallulah, Sam and Mack (Cyprus) and Alex, Charlie and Ollie (Germany) respectively.

Mrs Clayfield, St Edward’s Senior & Sixth Form’s Headmistress, was on the judging panel and said to the pupils, “You should all be really proud of your efforts and this is one of the strongest years I have seen with the quality of the food and presentation on show”.

Congratulations to all of the Year 9s that took part and for putting in a great amount of effort and enthusiasm preparing for the European Lunch event.