Languages Day took place last Friday, marking the end of a week of language-linked cultural activities which included singing in a foreign language in Music, word derivations in English and RS, as well as a salsa class with Mr Geracitano and Mrs Dunn in the Main Hall.

On the day itself, students arrived either in costume or in the colours of a country of their choice. The “best-dressed” final took place at the beginning of the day and the winners were Tom D, Alice G and Jakob C, whose costumes represented France, Norway and the United Arab Emirates respectively.

Amongst the activities taking place in the morning was a cultural quiz and all Forms were involved with the 9P Form team emerging as overall winners.

In class, there were lessons in Italian, German and Polish for certain Years 7, 8 and 10 sets, and at break time, there was a delicious cake sale. Activities continued at lunchtime with a Year 7 Treasure Hunt, jointly won this year by a group of four – Jack P, Johnnie H, Jacob R and Angus W.

This year the game of Pétanque was introduced as a competitive inter-House activity and, despite the unremitting rain, it was well attended by students in Years 8-10. Fisher won the Year 8 matches, Newman won for Year 9 and More triumphed in Year 10!

As well as raising awareness of languages, the day also serves as an excellent fundraising opportunity for a local charity. This year’s charity, selected by Sixth Form pupils, was Mindsong, a Gloucestershire based organisation working to provide a range of services for people living with dementia and those who care for them. Maggie Grady, Director of Music Therapy, came to assembly on Thursday morning to explain more about Mindsong to the pupils and how the money they raised would help fund activities and workshops. You can find out more about the charity and the fantastic work they do at