Key Stage 3 pupils took part in creative writing workshops this week when they were joined for the day by New York Times best-selling author, G.P. Taylor.

Graham’s first book, “Shadowmancer”, was a phenomenal success and has been translated into over 50 languages, for readers all across the globe.  He has since written an array of best-selling novels, and has recently been writing for the screen.  Some of his films are currently on Netflix and Sky, with more TV series to be released in the next few years.  Graham has lived a remarkably varied life as a writer, journalist, poet, police officer, an undercover operative, bodyguard, vicar and exorcist!

Through true stories of gothic horror from his time as Vicar of Whitby, Graham gave interactive lessons on description, characterisation, and plot.  The library was full of held-breath and loud screams as we were taken on a terrifying journey through the dark, misty ginnels of Whitby, joining Bram Stoker in hearing a legend of the cursed, black dog, the Barghest.

Students were then treated to an analysis of their personality and temperament from Graham’s skills as a cold reader: assessing people’s characteristics from their body language and facial expressions.  The students had a go at creating detailed character profiles of their classmates, learning how important it is that we make the characters in our stories as believable and realistic as possible.

Finally, Graham delivered a presentation to all of our Year 7 students about how reading at school changed his life for the better, with some dastardly amusing anecdotes of his time at school as a boy.  It was a wonderful, jam-packed day full of jump-scares and laughter!