Year 1 pupils visited Bristol Zoo just before the half-term break, where they were able to see over 450 species of animals in a stunning garden setting.

During their day at the Zoo, the children learnt about biodiversity, conservation and the natural world. Particular highlights included watching the gorillas play, trying to run as fast as the cheetahs, and walking through the underwater tunnel to see the seals and penguins swimming.

Our Year 1s also enjoyed an education session on “Habitats”, where they looked at the basic needs of animals for survival and how different animals are suited and adapt to their own unique environments. To do this, working with members of the Zoo Education Team they considered the characteristics of two contrasting habitat types from a selection of rainforest, polar, desert, coral reef or native woodland.

As part of their visit the children were also given the exciting opportunity to hold cockroaches, stroke a chinchilla and get close to a very friendly snake!

Our Year 1 pupils thoroughly enjoyed their day out and their chance to learn more about animals, their habitats and the importance of conservation and looking after the world we live in.