We were delighted to welcome 30 visiting Year 5 pupils to the Senior & Sixth Form on Wednesday. The students, who joined us from a range of local schools, spent the day with our specialist Art staff, taking part in a focussed Art Day, during which they used a range of media, including charcoal, oil pastels, watercolours and acrylic paint with polyprint, to create some unique pieces of art.

The day was themed around the concept that the children were beings from a distant universe who had been sent to Earth to explore, find out about the Earth’s plants and wildlife, and represent their findings through art.

The pupils were split into two groups and there were two different activity sessions for them to participate in during the day. For one of the sessions the they headed outside to identify plants and flowers that looked interesting or aesthetically pleasing. They then brought them back into the Art Studio, where they studied them and went on to create an artwork of their selected plant.

During the other session they set about creating an accurate representation of Earth’s fauna and wildlife using a multi-layered polyprint technique, first drawing an animal on tracing paper to use as a guide when drawing on their polyprint. From there, the children used multiple layers of different colours to create an image of not only the animal, but their surrounding habitat as well.

The day provided a fantastic opportunity for the young artists to work with our specialist Art staff and gave them the chance to try out artistic techniques and methods that many of them had not encountered before.

When they were asked what they enjoyed best about the day some of the children’s comments included:

  • “Seeing all of my finished artwork and drawing flowers.”
  • “Learning how artists see the world.”
  • “I loved everything about today.”
  • “I enjoyed printing the most.”

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